GSWO Instagram Rebrand

Type of Work: Graphic Design, Social Media, Writing
Company: Girl Scouts of Western Ohio
Programs Used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign
Completed: Spring 2016

As the Digital Marketing Manager at Girl Scouts of Western Ohio, I was in charge of our social media presence. This includes Instagram, a platform where we previously struggled. One of my first projects was rebranding the Instagram account, which has evolved a few times since then.
A common problem faced by Girl Scouts is that Millennial parents see it as an antiquated organization that focuses on arts and crafts. However, this isn’t true; it’s a rather progressive organization, with a large focus on STEM and the outdoors. As many Millennials are on Instagram, this seemed like the perfect place to dispel those myths and present ourselves as the women’s empowerment organization that we are.
We no longer showcase program opportunities or reminders for our members on Instagram; there isn’t a large opportunity for calls to action, so it is now utilized as an awareness and branding platform. I create custom graphics and illustrations that resonate with Millennial moms, featuring quotes like “Behind every successful woman is a group text hyping her up," and inspirational women like Malala Yousafzai.